Rojas Insurance is dedicated to finding the best rates and providing quality coverage for your business. As an independent agency we are able to compare and review your options with several different carriers to match you with the best fit. There are multiple kinds of insurance that can cover your livelihood, stop by our office or call us and we can set up a time that works for you!

Whether you are a landscaper, in home healthcare worker or a construction company getting your footing there are several different options:

General Liability Insurance: Broad coverage for your business and any associated activities. 

Surety Bond: WA State requires electrical, specialty, general & continuous contractors to post surety bonds to legally work within the state. These bonds are put in place to ensure that contractors pay all wages, taxes, labor and comply with rules and regulations that WA state requires. 

Commercial Property Insurance: Protects your commercial property. 

Commercial Auto Insurance: Covers, trucks, semi, vans needed for your business. 

Commercial Umbrella Insurance: Protect yourself against law suits that may arise from an incident. 

Why should I get commercial insurance? What does it really cover?:

Commercial Insurance varies but it can cover anything from claims that arise due to negligence, accidents, or injuries. Lawsuits can reach high amounts and insurance can make it hassle free, they can pay legal expenses, pay medical bills, etc. Not having insurance in place when something terrible occurs, could mean paying out of pocket thousands of dollars or possibly going bankrupt due to high expenses. Don't let it happen to you, get in touch with an agent today!

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