Frequently asked questions

I didn't change anything or have claims, why did my insurance go up?

There are external factors that impact your insurance for each of the coverages on your policy. You can ask your insurance agent what part of the insurance increased to have a specific understanding of your situation. Ask for a comparison of costs from last year's premium to this year's cost on: Liability (bodily injury, property damage, etc.) Collision (usually impacted by claims) Comprehensive (Fire, theft, vandalism, etc.) Endorsements In general, here are the factors that are beyond your control that may make your premium increase.

What other factors can affect my rate?

-Tickets -Claims -Young drivers -The vehicle itself -changes in employment -changes in address -local crime/vandalism -loss of discount -driving record -medical conditions

Why is only my carrier being affected?

Liability claims paid out by the insurance company for the entire volume of the clients they insure can impact their general liability rates. If the previous year(s) showed a steady increase in the amount they have been paying on claims and defense costs as part of this coverage, the insurance company might make rate adjustments. This is entirely beyond your control.

What to do in the event of a car crash?

-Take pictures of everything including: streets, other people who are bystanders, the vehicles, those involved in the crash license. -Do not let the other person involved leave without their contact information even if they are uninsured. -Do not rely on police officers to get all the information for you -Get the contact information from any who might have witnessed the accident. -Contact your individual carriers 1-800 claims number -Contact emergency services if you believe that either yourself or a passenger is severley injured. -Do not sign anything or say anything at the time of the crash admitting guilt or waiving away anything.

Where can I find my carriers claim hotline phonenumber?

You can simply do a google search or here is a list of our most common carriers. If you still have difficulty finding it, please give our office a call.

National General -


Safeco -


Progressive -


Dairyland -


Travelers -


Towing: 1-800-252-4633

Nationwide/Allied -


Towing: 866-201-2423

Stillwater -


Kemper -


Towing- 877-550-0759

Kemper Specialty-